Latest Artificial Intelligence Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a big splash in the tech scene nowadays and many are excited to know more about it and its impact on the industry in the long run. In fact, the world is becoming more aware of the benefits that this advanced technology brings to the table. From being able to handle large amounts of data with ease to increasing efficiency, AI is here to make our lives more convenient.


There is no doubt that the more this technology is developed, the better it will be for us. As of now, we are using AI in our smartphones, in smart lockers, and even in our vehicles. Sooner or later, this technology will be incorporated into our way of life, with machines even taking the lead in decision-making and more.


What Businesses Can Expect from Artificial Intelligence

AI will transition from being experimental to being essential in 2022. Companies will be focusing on how AI-enabled technology can help them solve issues in the workplace. This is why it is expected that digital transformation is going to happen on a larger scale. After all, this advanced technology is not just an enabler but is also a powerful tool with its capabilities further evolving.


Although the shift to automation is palpable in various industries, the real challenge for companies is finding the right technology to maximize their Return of Investments or ROIs. This is not surprising since AI technology has broad use. AI-based technology is still in its infancy, true, but with the possible breakthroughs that can happen soon, its use will continue to break boundaries.


AI Trends to Keep an Eye On

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. We are seeing huge breakthroughs in this technology recently. Companies in various industries should keep an eye out on these upcoming trends in the world of Artificial Intelligence to get an idea of how to apply them in their workplace.


1.   Improved Cybersecurity

AI in cybersecurity can help strengthen security measures implemented in a business. Although AI itself is making it difficult for humans to detect breaches at times, new cybersecurity measures are being developed wherein AI will be able to spot viruses and malware in a system not only to notify the user but also to take steps to prevent a further breach. Traditional cybersecurity measures are no longer enough to stop hackers from breaching a company’s digital infrastructure. AI-based cybersecurity can beef up the system to make it more difficult for sensitive files to be accessed by others.


2.   Augmented Workforce

The fear of robots and other machines taking over employees in the workplace is still felt. However, as we continue to develop AI technology, it’s clear that it is designed to work hand in hand with humans instead. In fact, we are seeing more of this technology in the workplace lately. For example, AI-based monitoring systems are helping companies keep their machines and equipment at their optimum efficiency through predictive maintenance. In addition, marketing companies are also using AI to determine the current trends in the market in real-time. This enables them to make decisions based on accurate reports.


3.   Autonomous Vehicles

AI will be the driving force behind autonomous cars, aircraft, boats, and more that will change how we travel in the future. For sure, we will be looking at the number of car accidents each year with horror in the years to come because traveling has become safer thanks to the use of AI technology. Tesla is aiming to demonstrate their car’s full self-driving function in 2022 but it might take some time before it will be rolled out for public use. Of course, there are other companies that are joining the race like Apple and Waymo. For sure, we will see more of their breakthroughs in the months to come. In fact, many are looking forward to seeing the first-ever autonomous ship navigating the Atlantic this year.


4.   Improved Language Modeling

Another possible trend that we might see more of this year is improved language modeling. Language modeling refers to the process that allows machines to understand as well as communicate with us using a language that we are familiar with. It can also help computers analyze human languages then transform them into codes that they can use to run programs and other functions. The most recent language modeling that we know of is the GPT-3 by OpenAI. It consists of more than 175 billion “parameters” or data points and variables that machines will be able to use for language processing.


5.   Responsible AI

AI was not governed by rules and regulations during its early years. However, with many worried about their privacy being tampered with, there have been efforts in forming data privacy and security through legislations like CCPA and GDPR. There are now laws about AI transparency and these will not be the last. Making AI trustworthy is important for it to be accepted on a global scale. This is not just to appease lawmakers but it can also be beneficial to companies, especially when choosing the type of AI-based technology to use and implement in their workplace. It is likely that companies will have to invest in training personnel on how to use AI-based technologies which can also help reduce potential problems that the AI may have missed.


6.   AI in the Workplace

There is no denying that AI can make our lives more convenient and efficient compared to before. Using automation in Industrial companies is nothing new. However, with AI being implemented in the production line as well as the use of robots to handle mundane tasks, employees will be able to focus their skills on where they are needed the most. Several industries are using AI-based robots to do most of the heavy lifting. This not only increases productivity in the production line but also improves the safety of key personnel too. Even offices can benefit from having AI technology at work. You have smart lockers, facial recognition door access, and more.


Integrating AI-Based Solutions to the Workplace

Since AI-based technology has a wide reach, it is important to determine what technology is ideal for your business. For starters, upgrading your company’s security system by integrating AI-based technology like QR codes, facial and voice recognition systems, or a combination of elements will be able to heighten security measures. Two-factor authentication systems make it doubly hard for hackers or thieves to gain access to sensitive information in the workplace.


A good example of this is the Workforce Management System by Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions or AITS. This is a revolutionary access system that makes use of AI to monitor the temperature and facial features of anyone entering the premises. Employees, whose data is already stored in the system, will be able to pass through security with ease.


In addition, the temperature checks will prevent anyone running a fever from getting inside to help prevent the spread of the virus. This is particularly useful in these times when the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing. Those who have high temperatures will not be allowed entry without any security personnel having close contact with them.


This technology is beneficial to companies because it not only minimizes interaction but ensures that only those who are authorized and have normal temperatures will be allowed entry. Even if they are wearing masks, facial recognition technology will be able to read a person’s features with ease. The best part is that this product can be easily integrated into any existing security system. With an easy enrollment system and streamlined dashboard, it will not be difficult to keep track of the goings-on in your office right from your computer.


How AITS Can Help

Companies are now seeing the importance of automation in their place of business. Not only does it make their workplace run more efficiently, but it also enhances the safety and security of their personnel especially now when the pandemic is still ongoing. That said, finding the right AI-based solution is going to be tricky unless you know what your business needs.


With AITS, we have a wide range of AI-based products that are designed to improve our way of life. We know that transitioning to a digital-based system is not going to be easy, but we are willing to work with you to find the ideal solution for your company. Aside from our Workplace Management System, we also offer Smart Lockers, Facial Recognition Door Access, and People Counting cameras just to name a few. Artificial Intelligence is the core of our programs, but we have made them easier for companies to utilize since everything is streamlined in their respective dashboards.


If you want to stay ahead of the game by implementing AI-based solutions in your business, we are more than happy to help you out. We can talk about the best system to incorporate in your workplace. If you are ready to make the transition, send us a message at You will have a ready and willing partner in us. Time to take advantage of the benefits that Artificial Intelligence has to offer your place of business today.

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